What is IRIS?

IRIS Include, Respect, I Self-Direct is Wisconsin's Self-Directed Supports Program for older people and adults with disabilities.

In IRIS you determine the combination of supports and services you need, including who will provide the services and when and how they will be provided. The IRIS team is available at every step to help you build the life you want with the support you need!

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Graduation and Summertime Plans

Are you finishing your high school journey this year? Now is a good time to make plans for services that will begin soon after graduation. This is also a great time to talk with your IRIS Consultant if you are thinking about attending summer camps or making other summertime plans. Make sure to contact your IRIS Consultant or the IRIS Information Center at 1-888-515-4747 if you need to make any adjustments to your IRIS plan.

Wisconsin Dementia Care System Redesign

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services is working toward redesigning the system of dementia care in Wisconsin in order to provide appropriate, safe, and cost-effective care for individuals throughout the course of the disease.

In an effort to make Wisconsin more “dementia-capable,” the Department has developed a plan to address gaps in the current care delivery infrastructure and expand community and crisis services for people with dementia. A draft of this plan is available for your review.

Your cooperation is an important part of developing a more dementia-capable system of care in our state. Thank you for your continued partnership in this important initiative.

helping you find a home

WIHousingSearch.org is now available to help you find available homes in your area. This website site provides basic and advanced accessible searches to locate housing that meets individual needs. Visitors can search by proximity, which allows them to find properties within a selected distance from desired locations such as work, school, public transit, or a family member’s house. Other helpful resources such as a rent calculator and links to other housing resources are also available. All searches are free and anonymous.

WIHousingSearch.org is supported by a bilingual call center available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. (CST). Contact the call center, toll-free at 1-877-428-8844.

This new tool is made possible with funding from the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, and the Wisconsin Division of Housing.

IRIS Community Data

On March 31, 2014 the following people were included in IRIS:

Illustration of a group of people
10,194 IRIS Participants
272 IRIS Consultants
Orientation Consultants
20 IRIS Consultant Supervisors

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Code of Conduct

IRIS wants to provide a safe, friendly, and informative website. We ask our visitors and our members to be considerate of others and to follow the Code of Conduct.


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